Stress Analysis

What is Stress Analysis?
Stress Analysis is a technique whereby stresses or strains in a structure due to imposed loadings can be calculated. The stresses could be due to extreme static loads or due to repetitive fatigue.
The techniques used were first derived for bridges and later for early steam locomotives. They are today widely applicable in most industries. If the structure or the loads are very complex, a complementary technique called Finite Element Analysis can be used 
Hand stress calculations are performed to established codes of practice and procedures. Computer software is used to speed up the process where appropriate.
Our experience of hand calculations includes rail and road vehicles, aerospace and industrial plant.
Fatigue of welded joints can be carried out to BS7608 or for components where an S/N curve is available.
Calculations can include check stressing as well as original calculations which can be carried out on your own calculation sheets if required.
We also specify, arrange and monitor physical testing of components, vehicles and other types of structures
We have considerable experience in advising in the selection and specification of materials.
Stress Analysis Consultants - Calculations on a stretcher
Stress Analysis Consultants