Up-Tempo - Optare

We have a long, well-established history with major UK bus builders Optare, having provided analysis consultancy to their Leeds facility. We have been privileged to assist them in the development of the Solo and Tempo vehicles (amongst other projects)
For both of these buses we provided full vehicle (detailed body and chassis) analyses representative of the conditions they would see in service. These analyses provided stress and deflection data for the buses that would have cost orders of magnitude more to determine by the physical testing of real vehicles (along with extended timescales and the risk of redesign and re-test in the event of any unsatisfactory results).
Our input to the design process took the vehicle models through a number of iterations as various aspects of the design were changed to accommodate new features and essential changes made as the design progressed. The structural parameters of the designs could swiftly be reassessed with the following changes:
  • Roof mounted air-conditioning.
  • Cantilever seats.
  • The use and effect of bonded glazing.
  • Modification of the main chassis members to accommodate an extending passenger ramp.
  • Changes in wheelbase, door configurations seating layout.
  • Modifications to the structure, following routine development of the design.
After each change or group of changes, their effects on the structure were easily identified from the analysis data we provided and, through liaison with the engineering team at Optare the design modified and re-analysed if necessary.
In keeping with Optare's forward thinking approach to both its designs and manufacturing methods, this amalgamation of traditional design route and virtual product development has provided a more efficient method of quickly achieving a final design whilst minimising costly prototype testing.