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We are an Engineering Technical Consultancy company, in the Manchester area, with over 30 years experience in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Stress Analysis. Employing a skilled team of engineers with a wide range of experience including road and rail vehicles, aerospace and industrial plant.

Analysis by Firth are continuing to operate in these difficult times and if you have any analysis requirements, please get in touch by phone or e-mail.

Technical Director, Nigel Firth has been the owner of Analysis by Firth since 1993. Our clients include household names from sectors including Commercial and Public Service Vehicles (Buses), Aerospace, Train manufacturers, buildings and general manufacturing.

We are experts in static and dynamic finite element analysis, stress and fatigue analysis with extensive experience in investigating service problems and carrying out failure investigations. Specific examples include:

  • Finite element analysis of a double decker bus fitted with solar panels on the roof for a large UK bus manufacturer. 

  • Finite element analysis of two different sizes of plastic bottles to ensure they could be stacked on multiple pallets.

  • Natural frequency and forced response analyses of a large multi-storey building to ensure that footfall would not be a problem.

  • Finite element analysis of a composite blended wing body UAV, which was a concept study for future passenger aircraft.

The above represents only a very small proportion of finite element and stress analysis we have carried out over many years. For more details of other work and how Analysis by Firth can assist see the SERVICES page and the CASE STUDIES page.

In addition to the services outlined above, we offer training in all aspects of stress and finite element analysis. Rather than being presented by lecturers with purely an academic background, all our courses are presented by Engineers with many years of experience in industry. It is our aim to provide a sound practical basis for the technique rather than just a theoretical discussion of the method.

We also sell our own specialist fatigue software and other engineering software, and we can supply for FEMAP with NXNastran, for we can also offer a range of training courses.

Detailed bogie model for fatigue analysis
Model of new design of double deck bus
Toilet module for installation in a railway carriage
Backplate to mount electrical equipment
Insulated pipe support with thermal loads Training Courses in engineering design and stress analysis

We can help you develop your design through the prototyping stage, without the need for costly manufacture and testing, or help you solve a service problem.


We offer excellent training courses in most aspects ofstress and finite element analysis. Introductory and Advanced courses are also available.


At Analysis by Firth we have developed our own Fatigue Software which can be tailored to your requirements. We can also supply FEMAP with NXNastran