Engineering Software

Analysis by Firth have developed cost effective software which will process strain gauge data and determine fatigue life. This program performs the following functions:-
  • Read in strain gauge data in various formats (e.g. SDRC I-DEAS, nCode, plain text file)
  • Convert data to reversals
  • Convert strain to stresses (allowance for offset & SCF)
  • Perform rainflow count to ASTME-1047
  • Apply the Goodman Correction where appropriate
  • Determine fatigue damage
Three versions of the software are now available, the first based on a known S-N curve, the second based on the weld classes in BS7608/BS5400 Part 10 and a third which only carries out the rainflow count. All version are capable of processing 1 million data points. The software can also be tailored to your specific requirements. It is available for lease or purchase.
Other engineering software packages available include :-
  • Standard section properties calculator
  • Complex section properties calculator (thin walled sections)
  • Bolt Groups - calculate the forces in a loaded bolt group
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